Rockin' Paws Grooming System Sample Set

The ROCKIN’ PAWS GROOMING SYSTEM SAMPLE SET is for those who want to ease into the fabulousness of our products. Featuring a 4 oz size each of our SO ROCKIN’ CLEAN Gentle & Freshening Coat Cleansing Shampoo and SO SMOOTH! Lightweight Coat Conditioner, a 2 oz size of our SHINE ON ME! Coat Polishing & Detangling Spray and a .25 oz sample of our ROCKIN’ MAT STOPPER Coat De-Matting Serum.

Our Rockin’ Paws Grooming System Sample Set is the perfect way to see how our products will help keep your dog’s coat looking and feeling clean for longer, not to mention shiny and mat-free! All four products contain special shine boosting ingredients and effectively help to promote mat guard and long term coat manageability. Any one of our four fine products would give you fabulous results, but put them all together and you have a “Super Rockin’ Grooming System” that will give your four-legged Rock Star an incredibly soft and shiny coat free of mats and tangles. Plus, all four products contain the same non-aggressive natural scent so the scents don’t compete with one another. The natural scent is unobtrusive so it won’t take over the room when your four legged baby walks in.

Our Super Rockin’ Grooming System is the perfect way to keep your pet rockin’ a fresh, clean and healthy coat for much longer. The super-synergy between these four pro-quality products used together as a complete system creates superior results compared to using any one of them alone.

And here’s a special note to all of you four-legged Rock Stars out there: As an added bonus, you can share the Rockin’ Paws Grooming System with your favorite humans! They’ll love what these salon quality products do for their hair as well.  The next time you step out into the spotlight with your incredibly lustrous, soft coat, your favorite human will look as good as you do. Come on, now – you know they deserve it! They’ve always given you the very best – now’s the time to return the favor – so share your Rockin’ Paws!

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