I bought some new shampoo and conditioner at the Groom Expo West to try and it's awesome. Wow! The owner told me that my dogs would be soft and she was right. Super soft. I guess I need to buy the gallon. 

Melody H, Poodle Mama, Waynesville, MO


Used your products on one of my regular [doodle] clients and oh my goodness, the coat came out absolutely amazing! He will be back next week and I cannot wait to see more results. 

Stacy, Groomer, Riverside, CA


I tried your shampoos and all of the conditioners and sprays last night, and my dog and I can't tell you how thrilled we are. I'm going to need to order more, and soon. Thank you!

JoGayle, Groomer, Ontario, CA


...I wanted to say that my regular dog came in today and got a full haircut. He's usually really matted and it takes me 30 to 45+ minutes to brush him out. He's a giant golden doodle but your SHINE ON ME Spray literally broke up al his knots like nothing. It was awesome and the owner was impressed by the quality of your products. Thank you again so much!!! I've been using your products constantly. 

Bri, Groomer, San Dimas, CA


A labradoodle owner recommended these products for my goldendoodle. I love them. They have helped tremendously with the mats and ease of brushing. I also notice when camping that the stickers and weeds don’t seem to stick in her coat near as bad as before. 

Pam S, Clovis, CA


...Just wanted to drop you a note about your products. I've been to two weekends of shows and have used the So Rockin' Clean Shampoo, and Shine On Me Detangling Spray. I really like the results. My girlfriend that travels with me to shows used the shampoo on her girl, one of my puppies, and she was also pleased with your shampoo. I'll be letting all my Papillons friends know about your products. Thanks again. 

Pam G, Glendale, AZ


Your Mat Stopper Coat De-Matting & Shine Serum is incredible! I have four Yorkshire Terriers, two with full coats. It's the product I've been searching for years! Such a great product…

Susan B, Glendale, AZ

These products are awesome! I've been using them for a month or so and my Poodles' hair is so nice. Even with an "e" collar, my show Poodle's hair has not matted! Judy - keep it up you're the best!

Kate W., San Diego, CA

I used the sample [of Mat Stopper] on my German Shepherd a week ago and she is still looking beautiful and she's super soft, I just want to snuggle with her all the time. Well, I always want to do that, but now she's extra snuggleishous!!!

Carla R., Reseda, CA

I got a free sample of the Mat Stopper Serum from your company at the Dog Days of Summer two weeks ago, and gave my two pooches (one poodle, and one corgi) a bath that night. May I say that this product is AMAZING! My two pooches are still super soft after nearly two weeks! Your stuff works!

Miranda K., San Diego, CA

To me Rockin'Paws dog shampoo, conditioner and serum is a miracle!! It used to take me 2 1/2hours to detangle mats on my Lhasa Apso...no matter how thorough I would brush her before bathing she would mat to her skin....now after a bath with Rockin' paws trio it takes me twenty minutes to comb her out and she doesn't mat in between baths.....Used to hate to take my Shi tzu for walks because she would sweep the streets and I would bring her home legs and beard all black dirt....she is even easier to care for....I would like to thank the lady who stopped me in the park in Valencia Ca to share with me how soft her Bichon's hair was etc...I bought the trio in Ca and loved it....came back home to Fl. and ordered more so to be sure not to run out.....MY Lhasa's hair has never felt so soft or looked so shiny.....We are a walking commercial for your product...

Sharon F, Longboat Key, FL

This is without a doubt the BEST product I have ever used. My maltipoo SweetPea has such problems with tangles and this product was like magic! Left her coat gorgeous and soooo smooth! Thank Rockin’ Paws, I will definitely spread the word! Visit RockinPaws.com, the most amazing product I've ever used! The coat de-matting serum is heaven, no more yelps from [SweetPea], comb goes right through! The shampoo and conditioner also excellent!

Dottie S, Durham, CT

After bathing my dogs over the years continually buying random shampoos using them just once or twice because they didn’t work. Either my dogs hair was not soft enough or after 6 days or so there would be white flaky skin showing all over on my black lab or they lost their clean feel too quickly. I was so happy to talk with you at the Pet Show in Scottsdale last year. I was happy to try your products as I had done with at least 20-30 other products before yours; always hoping for lasting results after the bath. And finally, your dog shampoo product line met the mark! My dogs stay ultra clean longer and my black lab has black fur without white dry itcy skin showing through in two days. So, THANK YOU!

Linda H, Mesa, AR (Retailer)

First I would like to say "Thank You" for the samples of the Mat Stopper Serum. I used 1 of the samples just the other day on one of my clients Fur-Baby. He comes to me every 3-4 weeks & he is a Shih Tzu with a long coat. I de-Matted a lot of his mats before his bath. I towel dried him & use your magic serum on the remainder of the mats. I was amazed how easily the mats just fell apart with just a touch of my brush.

Kathleen J, Charlotte, NC

I'm a mobile pet groomer and I've used your products before, [they are] fantastic. I want to purchase products to use on my clients. The results are great!

Karla A, Fontana, CA

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the products. I can tell that [my dog’s] hair has changed since I used your shampoo and conditioner. I'm very picky about most things, I have allergies and asthma and can't tolerate fragrances and chemicals. [Her] hair is very clean, your shampoo has helped to whiten her hair. In the past, whitening shampoos have been harsh and have left her hair feeling dry and brittle. Your shampoo has left her hair whiter and in excellent condition. The "smell" from your products [if any] is just that of a clean dog, I don't notice any fragrance or perfume smell [wonderful!!!].”  It is obvious her coat will be easier to keep up with Rockin Paws products.  [My dog] is a retired show dog, she still shows from time to time and will be showing as a veteran. For poodles in a show, the hair is sprayed up with a very heavy, stiff hairspray which must be carefully washed out to prevent breakage and damage. Your gentle products will make it easier to clean her hair after the show.

Kate W., Sand Diego, CA

[I’m] impressed by how shiny my long-haired chocolate dachshund’s coat became.

Rosa H, Monrovia, CA

The store totally went through your shampoo a lot quicker than I thought. It's awesome! I [need to order] 2-dozen bottles of your shampoo and 1-dozen conditioners delivered.

Leydeer M, Lakewood, CA  (Retailer)

I used it and I love it and would like to purchase more.

Les-Sie, C., Buena Park, CA

I was very impressed as it is the easiest I have ever combed [my dog] out and the fragrance was nice without being obtrusive. His brush glided through his hair, which is no easy feat since he is a poodle.

Alan M., Orange County, CA

OMG we love Rockin’ Paws! It’s awesome! Best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used! It smells divine and Ozzie and Ripley fur is so soft.  …ever since we started using the Rockin’ Paws trio set, we haven’t had any issues with shedding at all!


I LOVE their coat shine [Rockin’ Mat Stopper Serum]! It’s probably the best coat product I have come across!


Rockin’ Paws has seriously helped my Callie soooo much!!! Her coat is super soft and shiny, her itching is minimal now and her color has become richer, and it's been over a week since her bath!! I’m seriously super happy with this stuff!!!

Lindsey M., Hardford, CA

My puppy sawyer and I met you at a doggie event a while back at La Cienega Park and purchased the shampoo, conditioner and the dematter/shine, all of which are fantastic. Sawyer’s bath time has become a pleasure for me and a joy for him, he jumps right into the shower when he sees me take your bottles out, all three smell wonderful and work fantastically.  So much better than any of the many expensive dog products I have purchased in the past. You have really come up with great formulas, that work perfectly.  

Carol P., West Hollywood, CA

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