Our Story

Rockin’ Paws was started when its founder and "doggie mama on-the-go", Judy Cervantes, needed to find effective and time saving styling products for her own darling on-the-go rock stars, Monte and Pete.

Monte is a Lhasa Apso and Maltese mix, and Pete is part Poodle and Pekingese, all of which equal hair, hair, and lots of it! Doting on her dogs, as all loyal doggie mamas do, she would spend a lot of time grooming their coats and ensuring that their appearance was office ready, and sometimes evening ready too. Monte and Pete were true "working dogs" coming to the office and beyond every day. The daily brushings and combings quickly became a tremendous time commitment for this busy doggie mama and because she did not want her "pawed babies" looking a hot mess, she created a light weight serum to use on Monte and Pete's coat to help maintain shine, softness and above all, manageability. 


Judy's new light weight serum helped against matting, and allowed for easier comb through with less frequent combings.

It was the perfect time saver, and the start of Judy's quest to create a line of products to help easily maintain the handsome coats of her babies. She set out to work with the best chemists in the industry to formulate the finest cosmetic grade pet care products money could buy. Before long her light weight serum was joined by a coat polishing spray, a gentle cleansing shampoo and a light weight conditioner. Now, Rockin' Paws is available to every doggie mama and papa who not only love their pet, but like to save time. Their four-legged star will look and feel absolutely great with super-star shine, puppy soft coats and itch-free skin. Heads will turn when your fabulous furry show stopper hits the stage - so Let It Rock with Rockin' Paws! 















Here, in Judy’s own words is what Rockin’ Paws is all about:

“Our Rockin' Paws pet care line was truly born out of love for my four legged boys, and the desire to make two commitments our mission. The first of which is to give pet parents a little more time by bringing them the very best in gentle, innovative and efficient human grade pet care products. Our second commitment is to help the many animals in need that don’t receive the same kind of love and pampering that we shower on our beloved four-legged rock stars. From the very start, we decided to dedicate a portion of our profits to support the people, shelters and organizations who work so hard to make the lives of less fortunate animals better. Your purchase helps us to support these fine groups and their good efforts. Through Rockin’ Paws, you can be an important part of making a real, caring difference in our world – something we can all feel very good about.”