All About Our Products

Our line was developed with the goal of creating time saving grooming products that are effective and efficient, gentle and completely human grade. We care about what we put on our pets as much as, if not more than we do about what we put on ourselves. Your pet’s fur is not unlike your own hair. It is just as susceptible to the drying and damaging effects of harsh chemical ingredients as human hair. This is why we have employed the very best modern hair care science combined with expert knowledge of cosmetic grade, beneficial natural ingredients and formulation to arrive at truly exceptional pet care products that lavish your four-legged stars with the quality of care they truly deserve.

One of the worst things about most other commercial pet shampoos and conditioners is their use of “cost conscious” ingredients and overly-aggressive cleansing agents that completely strip away your pet’s natural lipid barrier. This protective barrier is created by the naturally secreted oils that protect and moisturize your pet’s skin and fur. Stripping away these important natural moisture-protecting elements leaves their skin completely vulnerable and sets off a dramatic rebound effect – a natural responsive reaction causing all sorts of problems, from dry, itchy and flaky skin to the production of too much natural skin oils that leave the coat feeling greasy and attracting dirt. In your eyes, your lovable pet is a true star, but an itchy, lackluster coat doesn’t let the rest of the world appreciate your pet’s rock star status. We all want our pets to be clean with soft, shiny fur, but the challenge is to clean away the dirt, excess oils and odors without leaving our pets susceptible to the terrible symptoms of this undesirable “Rebound Effect.”

Our Rockin’ Paws products are pH-balanced, Sulfate and Paraben-free with only gentle cleansers and conditioners so they never irritate your pet’s delicate skin (yes, there is delicate skin under all of that fur). Our formulas let your pet’s skin and fur return to a state of natural balance with a protective moisture barrier to prevent dryness and itching – and you will not believe the rock star shine and luster of their coats!

We’re shouting out to pet mamas and papas, and even grandmas and aunties everywhere – Rockin’ Paws invites you to pamper your perfect pet with the very finest formulas available. All Rockin’ Paws pet care products are as fine as any top quality salon brand created for human use. Some folks might think that we are crazy, but we love our pets so much that we tested each Rockin’ Paws formula on ourselves, family and friends first before ever trying them on our beloved pets. That’s how we know that they are completely safe and truly do what we say they do. Your four-legged baby will rock out with a glowing sheen and silky softness that you will love to touch and run your fingers through. And, on top of that, your precious pet’s skin will feel totally comfortable and itch free. Rockin’ Paws – created with love and care for pet parents by pet parents.