So Rockin’ Clean

All pet shampoos are not created equal! Rockin’ Paws SO ROCKIN’ CLEAN Gentle & Freshening Coat Cleansing Shampoo gently and effectively removes dirt and neutralizes bad odors from your four legged star’s coat. Ph Balanced and sulfate free, it’s formulated with only gentle cleansers and a premium conditioner, so as not to irritate your pet’s delicate skin. SO ROCKIN’ CLEAN guards against mats and brings out the coat’s natural highlights. Enriched with a blend of rainforest oils (Copaiba, Andiroba and Acai) to help soothe your pet’s skin, guard against environmental skin irritants and maintain natural moisture. You’ll love the baby-like gentleness of our shampoo and appreciate the easy, breezy bathing of your darling rock star!

Many other brands of pet shampoos use “cost conscious” ingredients and overly-aggressive cleansing agents that completely strip away your pet’s natural lipid barrier. Stripping away these important natural moisture-protecting elements leaves their skin completely vulnerable and sets off a dramatic rebound effect – a natural responsive reaction causing all sorts of problems, from dry, itchy and flaky skin to the production of too much natural skin oils that leave the coat feeling greasy and attracting dirt. Rockin’ Paws SO ROCKIN’ CLEAN Gentle & Freshening Coat Cleansing Shampoo will help protect this natural lipid barrier and keep your pet rockin’ a fresh, clean and healthy coat for much longer.

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