Rockin' News

So Happy to Have Exhibited at this Year's Groom Expo West

We had a wonderful time at last month's Groom Expo West, and especially so because it was in our home town of Pasadena, California.  Groom Expo West holds a special place in our hearts because it was the very first "trade show" like event we attended back when we first launched in 2013. One of the highlights of this year's show was seeing a few guests stop by our booth who met us at the 2013 show, and not only remembered us but had been looking for us (because back when I first launched the sample packets I handed out only had my email printed and did not have a contact phone number. LESSON LEARNED!) It was great to see Ms. Kate form the San Diego area stop in with her husband, who could not believe that I remembered her, but I did because she was one of the first people to send me an email telling me how much she loved our shampoo because it helped brighten her retired show poodle's coat without making her hair brittle and dry. We meet some great groomers who were happy to see we now have our shampoo and conditioner in the gallon size, we sold quite a few sets of our professional sizes. One particular groomer, who is new to Rockin' Paws, recently contacted me to share that she diluted the shampoo 16:1 and it worked great! She became an instant fan and now uses our Rockin' Mat Stopper Serum and Shine On Me Sprays in her grooming back bar. It was fun and successful week at the Groom Expo West and we look forward to our exhibiting this year leading us to continued growth and positive momentum. 

We extended a great big thank you to everyone who visited our booth, listened to my information and supported us at this show. 

Check out a few photos of the event. The creative grooming at these type of shows is just mind blowing!

This beautiful Dane was on the cover of Groomer To Groomer Magazine. So Sweet.

This sweet girl was on the cover of Groomer To Groomer Magazine, and very sweet!

Flower Power at its best!

My sweet human baby, Eloisa, help me work my booth on day one of the show. It's amazing how much she knows about how to share information on Rockin' Paws with guests. Kids really do imitate their parents!

I saw this handsome, and so good, boy, Luke, just chilling as his mama checked out materials across the way from our booth. He reminded me of my sweet Rosie girl, so I had to take a photo. Hashtag "sentimental".