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@Pawsthatwander creates series "So You Think You Want a Husky"- Part 1 Grooming

We have an active following on instagram and as with Facebook, feedback and mentions make our day. And especially so, because we develop a relationship with many of our followers, and it feels awesome when they trust your products on their beloved pets. Amber and her pups, Ozzie, a golden and Ripley, a husky, are some of our greatest supporters. We are so happy to have their trust and we so appreciate when they give us a mention and love on social media. In addition to posting beautiful photos of her pups, she recently started a series "So You Think You Want a Husky" to help impart knowledge on owning a husky to other husky parents and those who are considering adding a husky to the family. Her first posting on this series is on grooming. It's great and can also serve as a general guideline for all dogs, bathe every 6 - 8 weeks, brush often, and do not shave the coat.  Here is her posting and the photo above is her lovely girl, Ripley.

Part 1: "So you think you want a husky" –grooming.

Owning a husky has been one of the greatest joys in my life. I love documenting Ripley's growth and her adventures here on @instagram , however I have noticed many of you commenting that you want a husky too! Which is why I am starting a series of the joys of owning a Siberian husky.

Today's topic: grooming, @expeditionhusky eloquently posted a grooming post on her Facebook and with her permission I have reposted what is written below:

"Huskies have what's called a "double coat". This means they have a layer of softer undercoat closest to the skin, and a layer of guard hairs on the top, also called a topcoat. The purpose of the undercoat is to keep in the warm air, to allow their body temperature to stay consistent in harsh temperatures. The topcoat? That's meant to protect the undercoat and their sensitive skin from cold, rain, snow, and any other weather!

Typically, huskies will blow their plush undercoat twice per year, so shedding increases by a ton! During summer months, the undercoat is usually much thinner, to allow for air to get in easier, but still help maintain their body temperatures; and the topcoat continues to protect against rain & the sun, which can quickly injure your pups sensitive skin. This is why it's SO important never to shave your double-coated breed! Allowing the undercoat to build up can cause many issues. Hot spots can form when moisture gets trapped under the "clogged" coat and causes a skin infection. Also, with an underbrushed undercoat, warm air can't escape easily, which can lead to your pup being overheated when they are active, especially during the summer months. Brushing regularly, bathing when needed, and drying with a powerful dryer (kept at a proper temperature!) help eliminate these concerns."


I bath Ripley everytime she gets really muddy which is at least every two weeks with @rockinpaws shampoo and conditioner. NORMAL frequency of bathing is 6 - 8 weeks. I blow dry her and Use a double rake brush from Amazon to help with the undercoat.


Stay tuned for part 2! I hope this series will help future owners decide if a husky is right for you!”


Thank you for sharing your knowledge of Huskies @pawsthatwander and @expeditionshusky